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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Smotritch, who is turning today to Haredim [to get them to vote for him] was recorded saying that he is bothered by the fact that Haredim are part of the coalition. He is National Religious, he should be concerned for his sector and not get involved with our sector.
  -- MK Moshe Abutbol (Shas)
I always get a kick out of the Haredi reps telling the Dati Leumi to not try to "poach" their natural voters, stay away, and get publicly angry and upset at anything that even smells of such an attempt, yet they themselves try to "poach" the Dati voters  -Shas opened headquarters recently in the Shomron and other dati areas, Porush went to Yitzhar to canvass for votes, etc.
They all have a right to try to find voters everywhere and anywhere. No party owns any voter. But if you are going to say we own these voters and dont you dare try to appeal to them, then you shouldnt try to appeal to other party's voters and should just stick to your own
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