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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Are you normal? Do we want to be sick?  you go all day with a shtreimel on your heads, that weighs a few kilograms, you go with jackets and tallis - what is all this casuistry and sophistry to not put a piece of cloth over your mouth? Such a chilul hashem. what are you broadcasting to the world? I have no words. It could be that you will pay for this in the world to come for murder or chilul hashem.
  -- Former MK Shlomo Benizri about the chassidim who won't follow regulations
Dudi Zilbershlag recently said something similar, but he's an even bigger nutcase and provocateur than Benizri, so I didn't quote him then, though he said it better. Now that I am quoting Benizri, I figure I can also quote Zilbershlag at the same time, so here goes:In talks I have had with Belzer chassidim I have said to them: I was going to support the position of your rebbe when you all were avoiding it, but regarding the masks - it made it very difficult for me. Specifically the chassidim who wear so many layers of clothes, so one more little shmatta over the mouth is the problem? Even if it is just for making peace between the haredim and the secular - you should be doing it.
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