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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
We believe and we know, that there is no random in this world. God is speaking to us, the most merciful father in the world is speaking with us. Who understands His language? You cannot expect it of the gentiles or from those distant to Judaism. We understand the language of God...
  -- Minister Aryeh Deri, clarifying his words from the other day, after they caused a bit of a stir, when he said Haredim were 70% of the Corona cases in the country
seems to me saying we understand God's language, we know what He is saying, is a bit haughty... All we can do is try to understand and learn lessons to the best of our ability. Without prophets, people can only surmise what He is trying to say. I doubt there is anyone around today who understands what God is saying.
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