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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
He made a 600,000nis goodbye party for himself from the taxpayers money when he left the army... you are talking as if the Chief of Staff is  autistic - he doesnt know anything, isn't interested in anything..
  -- Head of the Coalition MK Dudi Amsalem (Likud), about Benny Gantz
obviously Amsalem immediately took a big hit for using "autistic" as an insult. From the political side, the main attack came from Yair Lapid, who has an autistic daughter. Besides for that, in general he was attacked for using "autistic" as an insult from non-politicians as well..
Amsalem later apologized. He also took care to justify/explain his use of the word as no insult intended just that is how many people speak day to day saying things like "are you blind?", "are you deaf?" and "are you autistic?"..
I am not sure that Amsalem's justification makes him seem any better or if it makes him seem sincere. Just the opposite - he is saying that he insults people like that all the time just doing it publicly was a mistake. Anyways, whether people do actually speak that way or not is irrelevant - Amsalem is a public figure, not a private individual.
This is one of those examples of how Netanyahu surrounds himself with pit bulls who are willing to attack Netanyahu's political opponents with no limits. They are violent people and Netanyahu has turned the Likud leadership into his personal mafia. They do anything to protect Netanyahu and he keeps his hands clean.
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