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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
We need to set an example for the secular how we respect each other even when they do not think like us.. we are now in the period of elections and it can be a blessed thing, something to cause jealousy of wisdom, good competition to see who can do better for the public. Or it can be a cause for argument and hatred.
Unfortunately, in our community, we do not know how to respect each other. People consume each other, others who think differently from us, we excommunicate them, we threaten them, we scare them away...this is not the way of the Torah - we need to respect other people, to be an example for our brothers the secular who will otherwise say why should we respect them if they do not respect the Torah and do not understand each other. Just the opposite, we should praise each other and say what is good about other representatives, how he tries to help other people, and then each person can vote for the candidate who is good for him.
  --Rav Meir Mazuz
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