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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It’s good that the Ashkenazim received the Sephardim and not the other way around, because otherwise they’d have set up another Arab country in the Middle East. If the Sephardim had come first, this would be another crappy kingdom. The country's Sephardim and Mizrahim should look in the mirror. How many universities were there in Morocco? What did we know about the developed world? How much technology was there in Morocco? When you move cultures, the first and second generation pay the price. You can’t get away from that. The price is justified, and I understand it. In exchange, we received independence and democracy.
  -- former mayor of Sderot Eli Moyal
it should be noted that Moyal himself is Sefardi. I don't know that that makes a difference, as he is now being called a racist by many.
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