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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I am the most ready and qualified to replace Netanyahu... It is no secret that many people come to me and tell me, come, let's get organized and establish something. I also hold a poll, one that I don't know who initiated, , but to the question "if you could have a direct election ad Netanyahu and Barak were running, who would you elect?", in the secular community I win, though in the general public he wins, though neither of us achieve 40%. 35% of the people do not know for whom they would vote, while Bibi is Prime Minister and I am just a citizen tweeting.
  -- Ehud Barak
too bad for Ehud Barak that:
a. elections include more people than just the secular community
b. Israel still does not have direct elections
c. he can't take over the Labor party. They already had primaries and selected a new chairman. Establishing a new party might be exciting for him, but it likely will not place him in direct competition with Bibi.
d. he is relying on the results of a poll that he does not even know who initiated. One of the surest ways to achieve disappointment
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