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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
.. it is impossible to think that one could exist - even in the terms of the Haredi world - by learning Torah alone, which is the most important in my eyes, but it is impossible that it will be just that, there definitely also needs to be education of core curriculum.... 
I think it is important to encourage [education in the Haredi community], it is very important, and it is a shame that in the Haredi community this is still neglected. There is no reason. I can say as someone involved in learning Torah that core curriculum studies do not at all disturb the learning of Torah, but it is in a place that when done together they are good for each other, and there is no reason that one would have to forgo one for the other.
  -- Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rav Aryeh Stern
The Haredi leadership already did not like Rav Stern, and worked to thwart his election to the position of Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. This opinion of his is not going to endear him any further on the Haredi community, specifically its leadership, and will just allow them to justify in their minds the positions they already hold about him.
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