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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The reality has to change for the worse in order for [our] awareness to change to the point where [we understand] that we have to evacuate
  -- Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai
Huldai seems to be hoping for more terror attacks on a greater scale.
Even more troubling for me is something else Huldai said. the interviewer asked Huldai if Sarona Market needs to improve their security, and Huldai said no. When asked about the fact that Iryat Tel Aviv 6 weeks ago sent a warning letter to Sarona Market regarding the weak security in their complex that must be improved, Huldai said that does not mean anything - we send these letters all over the place all the time for all sorts of reasons, but Tel Aviv is an open city and must remain so, and we cannot seal off a city.
So if you don't really want them to improve their security, why do you bother sending out letters instructing them to? Is that just CYA?
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