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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
You hit the Haredim in order to gather mandates, you've pushed the Haredim outside of the camp. Learn from me: when you approach the Haredim as friends, you can reach achievements. The Haredim by you are second class. Why, for God's sake, did Yair Lapid say that a 6 year old Haredi child can't go to day camp because he does not learn core curriculum? What is the connection?
My policy regarding the core curriculum is ... the bulldozer approach does not work. I will tell you a secret - before you came around, there were increasingly more haredi students joining [academic studies] each year. Suddenly Yesh Atid shows up and that decreases.
You love to use the brute-force method against the Haredim. My approach is, I am not canceling the core curriculum requirements...I am dealing with it together with my beloved deputy minister and each year you see more Haredim. I believe in dialog and not with beatings..
  -- Minister of Education, directed at Yesh Atid
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