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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
As per the  holy words of Rav Shach zt"l you have at least another 10 years of action to reach the 40 years in which you will not have accomplished anything like what Aryeh Deri has done... and now that Deri has distributed within one month a billion shekels to the weaker sectors, even if you buy Adidas running shoes and run after him with all your strength for the rest of your life you will not catch up to Aryeh Deri, even with all your media and publicists.
Gafni, until you move we will already be starting to count your second set of 40 years..
And in conclusion, strive to be like Aryeh Deri who has implemented the Norwegian Law, while by you it is still delayed, seemingly from fear of who will get the credit!
Have a pleasant race!
  -- MK Yigal Gueta (Shas)
Gueta, recently sworn in as MK when Shas implemented the Norwegian Law, has shown his loyalty to Deri. Deri can't kvetch too much about people supposedly trying to take the credit from him for various achievements, but Gueta has taken it upon himself to talk up for him.
Looks like the MKs know a thing or two about running marathons, based on his analogy..
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