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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Apparently when Netanyahu spoke of ‘all’ Jews in November 2015, he forgot that women make up half of all Jews. No Israeli Prime Minister has the right to take away Torah from half of all Jews. It is our hope that Netanyahu will not ban women from reading Torah, however if he does bend to the pressure of the Haredi parties, Women of the Wall will continue to read Torah in the women's section of the Kotel. Even if we must hide our Torah scroll and smuggle it past the guards, we will do so just as Jews have been forced to do so many times before us in exile
  -- Women of the Wall spokesperson, upon the news that Netanyahu will support the Haredi position and not allow the WoW group to read from the Torah at the Kotel..
yes, women make up half of Jewry, and half of all humans, but they surely cannot claim to speak for 50% of Jewry. Just because 50% of all Jews are women does not mean 50% want that right to read from the Torah at the Kotel. Many, very many, do not agree with WoW on this. Let's also not forget how small of a group they actually are. They are misrepresenting the situation with their self-appointment as representation for all women...
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