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Quirky Q #BlogchatterA2z #poetry

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
What if I call you my querquedule? I will become your counterpart, with a broad white stripe, from eye to nape.
If you become a quark and I, an antiquark, We both can live together, in this universe as quarkonium. 
First time I saw you, you became my quaaltagh, Everytime, Everyday. 
We both make a good quaderWe never have to figure out, if there's anything better in life, than you and me? 
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We meet at a quadriviumand then there was no turning back, We had only one path ahead, Path of unity. 
When you told we are togetherfor only a few days, I made every second of thata quadragesimal.
As long as you are with me, it's all quaff-tide. Whether you agree to it, or not. 
Your love is the biggest, and the only oneQuandorum in my life, nothing more nothing less. 
You can see very well, all the time I am Quaquaversal, Filled with your love. 
The moment that, love of yours go missing, I just go, Quaumsy.
During those moments, Every situation for me, becomes, Quavery-Mavery. 
You were, are, and will remain, my quean, And I forever yoursQuean-crazed
Before you even think of, calling me, I will be there, Quicksticks
With you in my life, What else I need, I am okay withQuidamity
Now, for me, it really, doesn't matter, what I like, What I don't, It's just quicquidlibet
When it's you, with me, nothing is, Quiddle
When you are not around, I’m so confused, And lost, that every moment is, Quidnunc
Your eyes are so full, And I am thirsty for life, I am justQuifting, every moment. 
Your eyes are nothingBut deep oceansWhenever I dived inI Quobbled
The whole world isBusy inQuomodocunquize, and I In you. 
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