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Quicksilver Vs Flash

By Bytesandbanter @bytesandbanter
The fastest superheroes in their respective worlds fight it out with speed and blitz. In the 1996 crossover Flash had made a mockery and quick work (no pun intended) of the Quicksilver, but times have changed and so have many of their abilities.
Quicksilver vs FlashName : Pietro Maximoff
Affiliation : The Avengers
Background : The twin brother of Wanda Maximoff (better known to us as Scarlet Witch), they are the mutant children of the great Magneto. They initially worked for their father but had always wanted to fight for a good cause. When the Stranger abducted Magneto, they realized that the Avengers were the ones doing the actual good work and joined them to save the Earth.

Quicksilver vs FlashName: Barry Allen
Affiliation : The Justice League of America
Background : Barry Allen was a forensic scientist in the Police department. One day a lightning storm destroyed his lab by scattering chemicals all over him. He then realized that he had gained superhuman speed with great reflexes. Donning red tights and vest he swore to save the world from criminals by fighting as Flash.
                               LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!!!!
Quicksilver vs Flash
Skill :
The fact that both are extremely fast and almost invisible to the naked eye makes it that much harder to quantify who shall land the punches and whether or not the opponent will dodge them. So let us decide this round by looking at the background and the training.
Quicksilver vs FlashPietro has been shown to shield his twin sister from evil even when he was young. Later, he was trained by Magneto to absorb huge amounts of destructive energy. The way Pietro did this was vibrate with the same frequency causing the object's force to be partially nullified. After joining the Avengers, Pietro learnt martial arts and other combat techniques from Captain America. Running with great speeds also gives Quicksilver the ability to cause great cyclone strength winds, run on walls and bodies of water.
Barry Allen on the other hand was a police officer who worked in the Forensics Department. Though it is not mentioned anywhere I am gonna assume that he received all the required training of a cop and thus maintains his shape by running at lightning speeds. He too can create a vortex, run on water and sides of building, though he limits his speed to subsonic to prevent damage done to his surroundings.
So obviously Quicksilver wins this round over Flash.
Quicksilver - 75/100
Flash - 65/100
Intellect :

Pietro has the ability to think at great speeds contrary to Flash's impulsiveness during running. As Pietro has a higher perception than others, he was said to have a stable mind, but the recent bursts of anger (controlled or uncontrolled) directed at the Avengers with most of them being related to his wife Crystal  have shown him to be weak.
Allen's brain processes as fast as he runs enabling it to work faster than Quicksilver, he can read books in a jiffy though the information is retained in his short-term memory. Being a skilled forensic scientist he uses his Speed Force to anticipate certain chain events and prevent them from happening.
Though by a very small margin, Flash beats Quicksilver in this respect.
Quickisilver - 70/100
Flash - 80/100
Armour :
To combat the effect of friction and other airborne particulate matter, Flash and Quicksilver both have elastic suits. These suits enable them to enhance their speeds to a limit during which their apparel neither get burnt nor are affected by kinetic speed of other elements. They stand equal in these respect.
Quicksilver - 70/100
Flash - 70/100

Special Powers :

Quicksilver vs Flash
The Flash moves at the speed of light - 3x10^8 m/s whereas the Quicksilver moves at Mach 5 ( 5 times the speed of sound - 330m/s ) . This makes the Flash almost 200,000 times faster than Quicksilver.
Flash also can harvest the Speed Force, something which Quicksilver cannot do. This grants Flash several bonuses in defense and combat. Quicksilver on the other hand can only rely on his mutant body which can function in low oxygen areas allowing him to breathe for a longer time than most human beings.
So without any hesitation I proclaim Flash as the winner of this round.
Quicksilver - 65/100
Flash - 90/100

Quicksilver vs Flash
Flash emerges as the ultimate speedster, who can tap into his Speed Force to beat the crap out of his enemies. He (not John Cena) should be the owner of the line "You can't see me".

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