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Quick Update – I’m Picking Up Flowers On The Way Home

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

Sometimes it’s nice to bring home flowers to your spouse, even if it’s not valentine’s day or her birthday or an apology for doing something bad.  Flowers or a card or chocolates or some small token of just how much you appreciate her should be a thing you give for love, not just because you have to.

And women, I’m talking to you too.  Too many women assume that it’s the man’s job to be romantic.  It’s not.  You’re just as much on the hook for keeping the love going as he is.  Why not pick him up a nice card or his favorite candy bar or a t shirt with his favorite movie logo on it or even a toy for his dog, just to show him you love him.  If you’re not doing this, why are you surprised that he’s not either?


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