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Quick Tennis Fix: Don't Look Back

By Kselz @TennisFixation
Quick Tennis Fix: Don't Look BackI don't think we've had an actual tennis tip here in quite some time. So, how about a Quick Tennis Fix?
When playing doubles, many players make a common mistake - they look back to see where the ball landed and what their partner is doing. But good doubles players don't look back. Turning to focus on what your partner is doing means you're not focusing on what your opponents are doing. Have faith that your partner will do the right thing or make the right call and keep your eyes ahead - looking at your opponents. You can usually tell what is happening just by watching your opponents (where are they looking? what are they doing?).
The photo here is a great example of that. It is a pic of a doubles team from the University of California Santa Cruz. Notice that the player on the left, in the red hat, is looking ahead at the other side of the net. His partner is taking care of the ball.
So remember - in doubles, don't look back!
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