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Quick Solution to Common Doggy Misdeed

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy

Dogs will be dogs – just if you let them. And sometimes  (or most of the times if you don’t do anything about it) dogs misbehave. To help you solve three of the most common doggy misdeed, here are some helpful tactics to implement.


Misdeed: Leash Tugging

Your dog drags you during your daily walks and yanks and lunges after other dogs and pets.


Train your dog to walk with manners by the use of head halter. This type of collar is more effective and humane than choke or pinch collars. The halters allow you to control your dog’s head, which in turn control where his body will go. During walks, reward your dog with praise or a small food treat any time there is slack in the leash. Refuse to continue the walk when he starts to pull. A head halter doesn’t put pressure on your dog’s throat, too. It fits up higher and rests on the jawbones to give you physical control without hurting your dog. It also gives you psychological control because most dogs recognize the muzzle strap as an extension of your leadership and will often settle into a more mellow mood once they’re wearing it.


Misdeed: Trash Can Tipping

The smell of last night’s steak and potato scraps in the kitchen garbage can be too irresistible to your dog, whom you might discover head-deep int eh can with trash strewn across the floor.


dog misdeed trash can tipping

Dog Trash Can Tipping *


Take away the temptation by storing the trash can and its smelly treasures out of the paw’s reach. Place the trash bin the cabinet under the sink, and install an inexpensive childproof latch on the cabinet doors. Or buy a trash can with either a snap-on lid or one you can clamp down using bungee cords. You can also stow trash can inside the garage, or install a baby gate in your kitchen doorway to block your dog’s access.


Misdeed: Inappropriate Chewing

Your dog destroys your shoes, wallets, television remote control, socks, or other prized possessions.


Become a tidier housekeeper. Store walkers and socks in dresser drawers, remotes on high shelves, and shoes in closets with doors or in room closed off with baby gate. Diver your dog’s attention to his chew toy. Your dog will prefer these tasty treats to your mundane black sock.

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