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Quick Predictions for SA/Thunder in Game 5

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
I'm going to write this blog post in three minutes..... ready..... set.... go......
  1. The Spurs will win, 98-83
  2. Manu will have at least 23+ Quick predictions for SA/Thunder in Game 5
  3. Timmy will have at least three blocks
  4. Tony Parker will have 75% of his scoring in the third quarter
  5. Serge Ibaka will play 19 minutes
  6. Kevin Durant will shoot 32% from the field in the first half
  7. Russell Westbrook will take 16 shots before the shot clock hits 12 seconds (half of its normal time during an actual game.
  8. Kendrick Perkins will be called for a flagrant, intentional or technical
  9. Derek Fisher will be the next head coach for the New York Knicks
Alright, I admit it, just spitballing here,prediction number nine doesn't really have anything to do with the actual game.... but I think that it is definitely true!

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