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Quick Fix For Valentine's Day

By Pallavi @missu_pal
Valentine's Day is almost here, so here's a quick fix for  the day.
For Busy Ladies ..
Hope you like it....
1-Stylish Outfit-Wear a nice trendy lace dress if you  are lean , Try avoiding light color that highlight your assests.Be confident in what you are wearing, be stylish and sexy.
Don’t wear colors that make you look bloated or  dark.
Quick Fix For Valentine's Day
2-Makeup-Avoid heavy makeup, be neutral and natural,Co-ordinate your makeup with your dress color,Wear a bright nail paint avoid colors that make you hands look dark.
3-Bag-Carry a stylish bag that makes  you look smart  ,
Avoid tote or big handbags.
Carry a medium size.
Quick Fix For Valentine's Day
4-SandalAvoid new shoe.Wear in what makes you comfortable to move around.
Quick Fix For Valentine's Day
5-GiftMake sure you take a gift along
Avoid girly gifts(stuff toys,perfumes,key chains )Best gift idea -  men’s wallet, belt or a collage .Make the best Avoid argument,Make it memorable,Smile and make your day happy.Happy Valentine’s Day Readers.
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