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Quick and Easy DIY Coconut Oil Lipbalm/Handcream

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

Coconut Oil solidifies when the temperature drops below 75 degrees (26C). I’ve used coconut oil in my hair mixes, on my skin and of course for cooking. The great thing about this carrier oil is that it isn’t heavy, and it’s properties are very close to the sebum (naturally produced oils) found in your skin.

So I decided to try something.

I was about to throw out some old eyeshadow pots and one of those Altoid Smalls containers, (I’ve got TONS of those things), when it dawned on me that they were the perfect size for lipgloss.

It’s so quick and easy, I made both of these before I went to work this morning!

So here’s what I did:

What you’ll need:


– Organic coconut oil
– Essential Oil
– container
– Spoon


Spoon out the coconut oil into the containers. (Don’t overfill!)

Then add just 2-3 drops of essential oil and stir in the container well.

Smooth the oil into the container until it’s neat and even.

Put the open container in the freezer on a level surface for a minimum of 30 minutes.


I used peppermint oil for the Altoid container (which I’ll keep in the car) and lavender essential oil for the eyeshadow container which I threw in my make up bag.

So far, here’s how I’ve used my little lavender pot:

- prep my lips before putting on lipgloss
- add shine to my nails and moisture to my dry cuticles
- moisturize dry edges of my hair
- solid perfume

• How do you use coconut oil in you beauty routine?

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    Quick and Easy DIY Coconut Oil Lipbalm/Handcream
    Quick and Easy DIY Coconut Oil Lipbalm/Handcream

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