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Questions for Alarmists, Which They Will Never Answer.

Posted on the 25 November 2022 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

Seeing as we are laying into Alarmism this week, here are a few questions which need to be answered, even if they refuse to accept that the 33 degree GHE is a massive great lie (based as it is on selectively ignoring clouds):
1. What is the optimum CO2 level to get an optimum climate?
2. In which earlier periods of at least a century was CO2 at this level?
3. Can you confirm that the weather was objectively better in most of those centuries - very few natural famines (this is the most important one), floods, droughts, hurricanes, forest fires etc, with steady rainfall patterns in most places, etc, or at least, a lot fewer/steadier than in the last half a century?
4. Can you confirm that temperatures were stable throughout most of those centuries?
I doubt whether the mantra "pre-industrial levels" is the right answer - during the last period when CO2 was this low was the Little Ice Age, which as far as we can tell was a global phenomenon. Mass famines and at least as many floods, droughts etc as nowadays. We don't want that!
And we know that temperatures have never been that stable; climate change is a constant and always has been. The ups and downs of the last 150 years are nothing unusual.

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