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Quantifying the Importance of Half-wall Work by Habs Forwards

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
Turnovers at either blueline generally lead to scoring chances. The importance of playing strong along the boards in the defensive-zone has been preached by coaches for decades.  The data included here goes a long way toward emphasizing the importance of getting the puck safely out of the defensive-zone; specifically when in possession along the half-wall.
'ES POS' = games the habs outscored the opposition at even-strength
'ES NEG' = games where the Habs were outscored by the opposition at ES
'WINS' = games the Habs won
'LOSSES' = games the Habs lost
Habs wingers have been successful with 70.3% of their attempted dump-outs in games where the Canadiens have outscored the opposition at even-strength. When the Habs have been outscored that success-rate has dropped to 63.9%. The pattern holds true when comparing totals and rates produced during wins and losses.


ATTEMPTED DUMP-OUT/ MP0.1920.1670.1850.171

SUCCESSFUL DUMP-OUTS / MP0.1350.1070.1330.110

DUMP-OUT SUCCESS-RATE70.3%63.9%71.8%64.2%

The comparative gap in attempts is smaller among Habs centres, but the success-rate fluctuation is obvious. Montreal centres' success-rate when attempting to dump the puck out of the d-zone during games where they outscore the opposition at ES is 16.4 percentage-points better than it is when they are outscored. Once again the pattern holds true when comparing wins and losses, as the success-rate drops almost 9 percentage-points when the Habs lose.


ATTEMPTED DUMP-OUT/ MP0.1490.1390.1500.144

SUCCESSFUL DUMP-OUTS / MP0.1030.0730.0980.082

DUMP-OUT SUCCESS-RATE69.0%52.6%65.7%56.8%

When comparing games where the Habs are outscored with games where they outscored the opposition at even-strength, the frequency of dump-outs by defensemen fluctuates far more than the actual success-rate. The same pattern exists in wins versus losses; however it's far less pronounced.


ATTEMPTED DUMP-OUT/ MP0.2200.1860.2120.193

SUCCESSFUL DUMP-OUTS / MP0.1350.1140.1310.113

DUMP-OUT SUCCESS-RATE61.5%61.2%62.1%58.6%

These reports can be produced for any player at any level. All that's required is video. Feel free to contact me by e-mail with any questions, comments, or inquiries about the services I provide.
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