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Q & A With Two of Bangkok’s BDSM/Dominatrix

By Harvie

So I came across Jaa and Fon's website the other day as they linked my awesome blog post about getting happy massage in Bangkok. They are two Thai women who perform various BDSM services for men and women who live or travel to Bangkok, Thailand.

I contacted them for a short interview as I thought the savages that are my readers would be very interested in what they have to say.

Jaa's comments are written in Pink font, Fon's in blue, and mine in red.

Q & A With Two of Bangkok’s BDSM/Dominatrix

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself Jaa and Fon?

Depend what you want to know about ... I am just Jaa, a normal Thai lady of 3x years old ... until I am not her ... then I am Mistress Jaa - the person I try to hide inside me like the Hulk lol.

I had over 800 stories in my old blog about this and 20 stories in my new blog, it is hard for me to answer that because it is a very long story. Even where I came from ... Thailand to Canada to Panama To Thailand to South Africa to Thailand ... that is almost a book already if I tell you why I lived in every place.

I have an Amazon Kindle (will put the link here soon) book about where you came find what I used to do ... really really hard to put that in one answer. My life changed so much in 10 years ... who am I now and who am I before ... is not the same people ka.

I am Rainy. Born on a rainy day, named after the rain, I am Mistress Fon, to the clients who want me to seduce them, and Mistress Pasaya, to my clients who want me to hurt them. I am 3 in 1 hahaha.

I was a normal Thai girl until I went to Australia for college 4 years ago. Now I'm 27 and I've changed more than into a woman, I changed to Mistress Fon, it's my lifestyle now to seduce men.

What made you get into BDSM/ being a Bangkok Dominatrix?

My boyfriend in Canada was submissive ( white knight) and liked being teased and liked me to do kinky things ... like make him swallow my pee (uw0tm8?). When I had to come to Thailand again and had no money ... I thought one day why do that for free if he loved it so much. I started my website and my photos made me very popular very quickly. Then from my job I now know I love submissive men and love to tease them.

Good question. I had a friend in Spain who is still my friend ... he told me about Jaa ... and Jaa called me one day and asked me to come watch her for a session. I loved it. I loved everything about seducing men like she does and i thought it was brilliant how she uses sexiness in her sessions and not just pain pain pain. So I worked with her first part-time and now we share 50/50 all the sessions.

Out of everything you offer clients- what do you enjoy doing the most and why?

Tease & Denial to men until they beg ... or cry. My first Tease video i loaded to XHamster ... somebody took the 10 seconds from that movie when I made his body shake from one finger touching his penis ... and that went viral lol. After that almost all my sessions for 4 years are Tease & Denial sessions. I like it when men cry and beg me to let them have a orgasm lol.

Everything but I love seducing the men the most. Yesterday i had an email from Scotty, I saw him only 1 time last month. He emailed me to tell me he tried having sex with his girlfriend now and he cannot have an orgasm unless he thinks about me and that I am inside his brain 24/7. That's my job to do that and i am good at it.

You done goof'd Scotty!

Can you tell me more about your poo training services?

It is still the hardest session to try and do. Why because a lot of men have a fantasy about cleaning or eating poo from my ass but when they come they cannot do it. So I had to think of how to make like a course for how to do that for them so I can give them their fantasy. My 10 step practice for poo blog story was the most famous in my old blog. I don't think anybody made a course like that before haha.

To know more about Jaa's poo sessions, read this blog post.

OMG talk to Jaa about that, I don't really like to do the poo sessions.

How often do you get guys asking to poo on them?

Asking? A lot. Booking me for it? Not so much. Actually coming for the session? Only some. Doing their fantasy in the session? Few. It's a fantasy session they keep in their brain.

Fucking a lot like every week somebody want' s to eat my poo over KFC food. Is KFC that bad now?

How much money do you make from your services?

The session I like to book the most is 2 hours, 7,000 baht (Damn, I'm in the wrong business). Most ask for more and want to pay more money, but for 99% of most fantasy I can do it perfect in 2 hours and I try to book them for that first.

Even with my degree and 1 year from College in Australia, I make more with Jaa in one week than if I worked one month at a normal job.

What age group and demographic are most of your clientele?

Depends. For Tease & Denial sessions with sexy BDSM I have from 20 to 80 year olds come for that. For more serious BDSM session the people asking me for that is business men over 40 years old.

I get a lot of the young 20 year old or 30 year old men because I am 27 and I am more sexy for them I think.

What is the weirdest request you have ever had?

Weirdest session that somebody asked for but I never did was to kill him from hanging and teasing him ... he wanted to die like that. Weirdest session that somebody asked for and I did was a castration session. But not all the way he stopped and changed his mind.

The guy wanted me to poo in a bag and hang it outside my condo door every day and he would come pay 1,000 for "take away food".

Have you had any bad experiences?

No. Worst experience was me waiting at a hotel on Soi 6 and my customer said he would meet me wearing blue jeans and white shirt. I saw him across the street dressed like that and I went and he saw me and smiled ... maybe because I was dressed sexy. I followed him to a office building across the street and went into his business meeting room behind him. He was from India and everybody in the room from India ... and I told him to take his pants off so everybody could watch ... I think that is what he wanted ... to have his friends watch me tease him. But that was the wrong man and he had no idea who I was. It was more embarrassing than bad i think lol.

Just guys who smell bad.

Do you have many women using your services?

In 5 years only 3 sessions with ladies, and they want me to teach them to dominate their boyfriend with me.


Q & A With Two of Bangkok’s BDSM/Dominatrix
I wish lol.

Do you have a boyfriend and if so do they know what you do?

No I didn't find a man yet who is ok with me teasing 10,000 other men yet lol. I don't mind - call me!

I have a lot of guys who think they are my boyfriend ... but none know what I do. Well except for one he found me by accident. But I had more fun turning that on him because he wouldn't tell me why he would search for Bangkok Mistress.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Doing my garden maybe?

To get away from everything I like to run.

Why do you think guys want you to control them?

There are 2 styles of men in the world. Dominant men and submissive men. There are more submissive men than dominant men ... a lot more. But they hide it. What makes a man like that happy is to have a woman who can seduce them and dominate them at the same time. Not a lot of girls are confidant to do that or even know how to do it.

Guys like to be seduced and I like to seduce guys so we fit 555. I'm still waiting for the one guy who can actually seduce me, but maybe it is not possible? I'm sure I can put you in your place Fon, want to give it a try? 555

And there you have it, an in-depth interview with two of Bangkok's most famous BDSM/dominatrix. If you want to know more about their services visit their website here: http://www.jaa4u.com

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