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Pyramid Interview

Posted on the 01 March 2012 by The Otter Beats @theotterbeats
Pyramid, no I am not talking about mummies, but the french artist Pyramid. “I had another name before, but it was shit, so I wanted to change it. One day I thought of Pyramid.” Ever since then it has been all uphill for this talent. Being rooted in the French electronica scene does influence your sound, as it seeps through your keyboard onto your ableton live recordings. “I honestly don't know, people says that the french electronic has a particular sound, there is more melancholia in our melodies I guess, and that's probably true for me... I just do what I can behind my computer and if that's sounds good, I'm happy!” Very great insight as it is much easier to support your music and promote it if you believe in your music, as with anything else. In terms of hardware the young producer says he mainly focuses on his computer. “I'm better with software but I want to experiment a lot more with hardware later.” Exciting news as we see his sound develop and warp into a beast of its own!

Pyramid Interview

{Lost in Space!}

Look for the Rising Day Remix EP in 2012. The 5 tracks are remixed by 5 very incredible artist, Pilotpriest, Monsieur Adi, 125#, Title and Stay Ali. Later in 2012 look for Pyramid's own EP The Last Escape, currently in production. As for the sound of the EP it will be very close to the type of tones you hear from his remix of Foxes'Youth, attached below. “That's a funny track. This track is a kind of preview of the sounds and beats that I'm going to use a lot in my next tracks. Monsieur Adi told me that he was about to remix Foxes officially, and he asked me if I'd be interested to do it, so I gave my try.” The sound is just immaculate as you really do see the maturing music of Pyramid.
Obviously all artists have their roots and with Pyramid it is no different. “I'm a fan of Gorillaz, Moby, Boards of Canada, Justice and the Daft of course... Also 2 big big big geniuses for me, Rone and Pilotpriest who are going to be huge!” Possibly a collaboration in the works eventually, we can only hope! Try to spot the influences =). Happy Listening.
"Thanks for your attention, it's always a pleasure to see people who cares about your music, so, thank you!" - Pyramid
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