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PV Social -Photographer Videographer Leeds Workshop

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

Ooh so this week has been fun!

On Wednesday I got to hang out with loads of very talented wedding photographers (and the odd videographer) at the new PV Social Workshop at Brooklyn Bar in Leeds.

PV Social -Photographer Videographer Leeds Workshop

I know, what is a videographer doing at a wedding photographers workshop?

I thought the same, it's probably why it took me weeks to commit but something kept drawing me back.

That line up for one.

PV Social -Photographer Videographer Leeds Workshop

Photo credit goes to Sam Docker Photography

And the fact it was all about inspirational content and not practical based (as I really didn't fancy dusting off my college photography skills in front of the pros) helped too.

Believe it or not I actually studied photography alongside my Media BTEC in college when I was 17! Proper photography with a dark room and everything! Before the bright lights of film and TV studios lured me away...

Looking through the websites and Instagram feeds of the photographers due to speak at the PV Social Workshop I felt really drawn to their work. I felt excited and inspired the more I scrolled through their work.

I wondered if going back to photography and the still image could be a great way to inspire me for the wedding season ahead? I mean, it was one of my first 'loves' AND there are some cross overs in the way we approach film and photos isn't there? Like creative compositions and wanting to tell a well as some business aspects too.

Thankfully my gut was right again.

I LOVED hearing what they had to say. Hearing them explain their approach, their 'why', their 'loves' and even hearing how their business ticks.

I even came away a bit of a 90's style girl fan of one of the speakers (I won't say who I case I have to meet them and actually speak to them, if it's anything like when I met Victoria Beckham then I will save myself the awkward embarrassment haha).

All that did exactly what John said it would. It inspired me and got me fired up, creatively.

I cannot wait to see what I can achieve this year with my own work. I do feel their photography and words have set an excited ball of fire going inside (and I don't think that was down to my prosecco). I know it will push my creativity even more.

And it confirmed that pushing yourself to learn, to want to be inspired can only be a good thing and can come from many different creative sources!

I'm excited to see what (and who) John finds for the next line up at the PV Social Workshop...

If you're tempted make sure you like the PV Social Facebook page to keep in the loop!

Charlene x

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