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Putin Tops Obama as 'world's Most Powerful Person'

Posted on the 30 October 2013 by Hughvw
Vladimir Putin has overtaken President Obama as the Forbes’ Most Powerful Person in the World this year for the first time in Obama’s presidency. The magazine published its annual list today and noted that the Russian president had overtaken the American one in part because of Russia’s role in the Syria conflict this summer.
“Putin has solidified his control over Russia and anyone watching the chess match over Syria has a clear idea of the shift in the power towards Putin on the global stage,” Forbes said. “The ex-KGB strongman–who controls a nuclear-tipped army, a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council and some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves – is allowed to serve another six-year term, which could keep him in office until 2024.” [Source]

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