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Purple Wedding Day

By Innstilettos
As part of a color themed wedding series, today we will look at purple for your wedding.  Brides have definitely broadened their horizons.  They have ventured away from the traditional white gown to hues that are their favorite.
Purple Wedding DayCourtesy of (love the name!!) Just like we did in the pink series, there are flowers, the cake, bridesmaid dresses and special treats of the day that showcase your love for purple. had this great idea for your bridesmaid dresses.  Not are they only purple but they are short dress.  Now a few years ago I might have rolled my eyes at this but in some ways it is actually a nice idea.  If you are having a July or August wedding...especially if you are in a warm climate area to begin with, the short dress might be a nice treat for your girls.  It's hot.  There will be dancing.  Now I will also say this...always pick the dresses you want for your day.  Your girls will be thrilled to wear whatever you select (and I have worn some hideous bridesmaid dresses in my time) because she is there for you. Purple Wedding Day When I started the "purple" series, I was concerned that I would really have to dig to find examples.  What I was surprised to find out is there are many fans of this fabulous hue (Pam Manners) and it has already been done.
Purple Wedding DayLove this cake by What I love about this cake is that they certainly highlighted the color but they also changed the shape of the cake from round to hexagon.  A nice touch if you are looking to steer away from tradition.  Purple Wedding Day
If you have been reading my blog, there is no surprise that this was my favorite.  If you haven't, a picture says a thousand is over the top!  I love how they fused so many different shades together.  If it had been described to me I don't think I would have liked it but the mass of flowers and graduating color shades up the cake make this a beauty in my book.
Purple Wedding Dayphoto by This picture definitely caught my eye and I like it but here is the problem when you use color themed weddings.  You can easily crossover to it looking like a Sweet Sixteen party which is not what you want.  Purple Wedding Day  This photo by is stunning and I can almost hear my mother saying "less is more."  This is a beautiful example of purple elegance.  So now that you have thought of every way you can showcase your love for purple at your wedding...have you thought about wedding favors.  I know what you are thinking...purple tulling and matching M&M's...hmmm...a possibility but I really thought this was a nice touch brought to light by Purple Wedding Day Purple hydrangea seeds!!!  It is not to say that chocolate is not a great gift....I love chocolate.  This is just another option.  Your guests will plant them in their gardens and will remember your perfect wedding day when they see the flowers in their yard.  A much better memory than having someone take their wedding favor of netted chocolates and throw them into their backseats.  The memory of your wedding should not be a melted chocolate spot on the back of someone's car.  Kisses,  Deborah  

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