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Pure Rain

By Danielcarruthers

close up of the irrigation distribution for pure rain
When the time comes to reconnect the hose (hard to imagine at the moment) I will be trialling the new Handheld Gun Plus from Pure Rain, which rather cleverly oxygenates the water by adding millions of minute bubbles to the water, emulating what happens when raindrops gather oxygen as they fall through the air. Apparently the extra oxygen helps the plants to absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently, which is why plants look so perky after a shower. This also helps them to grow stronger and be more resistant to disease. I save as much rainwater as I can in waterbutts, but it’s never enough, so it’s good to know that there’s a simple way to improve tap water so that when I do need to use it, it isn’t second best. The Pure Rain range, including handheld guns, a watering wand and a water station, is available from RRP £19.99. You can find stockist details and more information about the products at

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