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Pure Brocante Bliss

By Coreyamaro

Little French Keys

Brocante, I know and you know that I have the brocante bug bad. It is an illness I live with daily. Love it. Every aspect of it. It doesn't matter the side effects it brings: Big, small, tattered, worn, under cover, early mornings... it is worth it.

It doesn't matter what the brocante brings, it fascinates my imagination, makes me giddy, jump out of the car before it even stops giddy!

Or in other words I am drunk on brocante most of the time.

Thankfully I live in France, where my brocante bug can have a daily fix if need be.

French Brocante trivet tray

Doesn't matter the dose.

Doesn't matter the value.

Doesn't matter if it is used, dirty or hanging out on the side of the street.

Addicted. Driven. I am.

Six sided engraving Puzzle

Tiny doses can do the trick.

Books with ruffled pages.

Abcdaires made by a child.

French antiques pot de creme

Demi tasse French


Mary Statue

French antique statues

Do my monastic days inspire what I am drawn too? Or do they keep me from going hog wild crazy since France is loaded with old things?

1800s Map Engravings

1800s Map Engravings

1800s French Tinted Map Engravings... paper... ephemera...

The best drug ever.


French Landscape

Old little paintings.


1750 Hand Painted Map

Hand painted maps from the 1700s. No wonder I am always loopy on love. Brocante baby bring it on.

1800s romantic engravings for yesteryear.


Red and Cream Linen Napkins

French Antique Heavy Linen Towels

Hand woven linen from the 1800s. 

Glass Relic Holder with Angel

Orange wax blossoms.

Hand made for the bridal crown.

Monogram Stamp

Monogram Stamp

Large wooden base, iron stamp to use to print on fabric, to create a monogram.

Antique pocket watch case with chain.

Not gold, not precious... practically divine.




1800s French antique hand made fine lace.

Made by loving hands, never used.

Created for the pleasure of creating, not for a purpose. 

Rightly, up my alley.

Crystal Chatons

Pink covered box with folded pieces of paper that have chaton crystals (chaton crystals are used in jewelry making.) stored in them.


Le Mode Journals from the 1920...

Similar to American Home Journals. My Mother in Law read them on the way home from the brocante. Sharing different antidotes as we drove.

French antique baby pink silk covered jewel box.


French Antique Letters 1833

 French letters from 1833

Last weekend I found a box that was stuffed silly with documents from one household... a chateau... the documents on the bottom of the box dated 1677 until 1920s. I haven't stopped drooling.

1850 Prayer Card

French 1850s prayer card.

That is one long held prayer.

Passed down over and over in one prayer book after another.


1800s fine damask linens.

Holy water bedside font.

1800 velvet covered prayer book with engravings inside, Do you think I like religious items?


1800s linen flour sacks tightly woven to prevent flour from escaping.

French antique clay marbles,



Before cat eyes.

French Clay Garden Pots

1900s French terre cuite seedling clay pots. Handmade. Objects of beauty for the ordinary task.

No small detail overlooked where beauty was concerned.

Celebrating the day to day small joys.

Five Feather Estampes

Gold metal estampes, used as the latches for Limoges boxes.


French Candy Box

1900s candy box. A CANDY BOX?! A masterpiece of pretty cute.

Just a few of the items I have and had on my online Brocante Shop, that you can peek into by clicking here....

For those of you who follow my Brocante Shop I will be posting many more throughout the week.

Sad but true I gotta let these sweet things go if I want to keep going to the brocante. The brocante bug strives on give and take. Buy and sell. Seek and find. Brocante bug needs a fix and I hope you do too.

Happy ever after. 

Pure Brocante Bliss
Pure Brocante Bliss
Pure Brocante Bliss
Pure Brocante Bliss
Pure Brocante Bliss
Pure Brocante Bliss

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