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Puppy Games Do’s and Don’ts

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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Games have a wide range of advantages for both you and your dog! Games are fantastic bonding chances and are mental, physical and emotionally gratifying – not forgetting positive outlets for a pup, disheartening self-inventive dangerous and/or destructive alternatives. As significantly, puppy games teach puppies certain behavior, behavior shaping which will play a vital role in steadfast obedience later on. The more your pup learns, the less complicated they’re to train, and the quicker they learn new things.

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  1. Be well-stocked with suitable toys for your pup, both chew and interactive toys. Teach him that these are acceptable choices, and promptly replace all inappropriate ones.
  2. Be conscious of how you use your voice during play with your pup and when setting up control: high, squeaky voices ensue thrills and will wind-up your dog; firm, low voice tones command attention and authority compliance.
  3. Be mindful of how you use your body posture during play and when establishing command: hovering postures compel jumping, nipping and general unchecked puppy play; tall postures and eye contact air authority.
  4. Deal with all access to interactive toys. Likewise control when the game begins and stops.
  5. Control all games – take the chance to teach essential commands to your pup during play like recall, fetch, “sit”, “leave” and “drop it”.

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  1. Don’t over-stimulate your pup when playing – steer clear of any action that could be mistaken as a challenge or teasing.
  2. Don’t use your body or clothing as component of any game.
  3. Don’t ever chase your dog during games.
  4. Don’t play intense wrestling and play fight games – especially with guarding dog breeds.
  5. Don’t allow your pup go to ask for attention; this should be granted on your terms.

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