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Pumpkin and Powdered Eggs? YUM! Pumpkin-a-licious!

By Forayintofood @ForayIntoFood

Pumpkin and Powdered Eggs?  YUM!  Pumpkin-a-licious!Laurie Nguyen:

One of my most favorite things to eat: chocolate chip pumpkin bread! YUM!

Pumpkin and Powdered Eggs?  YUM!  Pumpkin-a-licious!Originally posted on My Foray Into Food Storage:

When I was younger, my sister and I would add “a-licious” to nouns to make them adjectives.  (As an English major in college, I should know better, right?)  Well, not every word, really it was just one.  Bart.  She had a crush on a boy named Bart, so I would ask her if things were “Bart-a-licious” to gauge her interest in them.  Silly?  Yes.  Fun?  Definitely!  Since then, I have kept this silly habit and add “a-licious” to things I really like.  Like Pumpkin!

I know there are some pumpkin haters out there.  You don’t have to love everything I do.  It just leaves more pumpkin for me.  If I were to ask you what food you eat with pumpkin, most of you would say, “Pumpkin pie” (which is one of my most favorite-est things in the entire world).  How many of you have tried pumpkin bread?  It’s…

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