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Publish & Be Damned! The Fleet Street Walk

By Lwblog @londonwalks
This Saturday night the Fleet Street newspaper walk PUBLISH & BE DAMNED goes out for the first time in the post-News of the World era.

And to celebrate/commiserate, we’ve turned it into a pub walk!

Publish & Be Damned! The Fleet Street Walk
“With its sensationalist approach, its chunks of sex, its comic strips and stripping comics, the Publish & be Damned Fleet Street Pub Walk expresses the mood of the early 21st century…

Your guide beats the big drum but takes you round behind the scenes to watch the bearded lady shave.

Other entertaining items include political rows and a visit to prison!”

Okay, we’re cheating a wee bit with the blurb there. The lines above (slightly modified) come from a 1953 review published in The Observer newspaper of the great Hugh Cudlipp’s Fleet Street classic Publish and be Damned – the tome from which we’ve borrowed the title of our walk.

Meet your guide at Temple Station 7.15pm (we’ll tiptoe past the legal quarter to get to the hacks so’s not to arouse their prying eyes) on Saturday night 20th August.

(P.S. Do you know which Fleet Street newspaper established the questionable practice of printing pics of topless women? The answer – revealed tomorrow – may well surprise you!)

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