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Public Indecency at Greenfield Lake

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Public Indecency at Greenfield Lake

So Dezzi and I went to a cookout this past Sunday at Greenfield Lake. We were out paddle-boating on the water when another boat of our lady friends pulled up next to us. One of the girls (who shall remain nameless – but not faceless) had one too many adult beverages and was wasted off her ass by 1:30 in the afternoon. She decided it was a good idea to pull up her dress, drop panties, and take a piss off the side of the boat.. in the middle of the lake.. with her bare ass facing shore. Less than 200 feet from us a million little kids are running around on the playground on the shore. When I point this out to her, she drunkenly slurs something about them having to have “radar vision” in order to see her. Realistically, they just needed their eyes. So glad I had my camera phone.

We also witnessed a female duck being gang-banged by four males that were biting her neck to hold her down. I tried to get a video on my iPhone but was too slow and already too messed to capture one worth posting.

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