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Public Disagrees With Trump/Pruitt On The Environment

Posted on the 09 April 2018 by Jobsanger
Public Disagrees With Trump/Pruitt On The Environment
Public Disagrees With Trump/Pruitt On The Environment
These charts are from a new Gallup Poll -- done between March 1st and 8th of a random national sample of 1,041 adults, with a margin of error of 4 points.
There's been a lot in the news lately about the corrupt practices of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, and he is a very corrupt member of Trump's cabinet. But there is something worse about Pruitt -- the policies he has followed and actions he has taken since becoming the head of the EPA.
Pruitt has been in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry for a long time (even before he came to Washington). That is why Trump chose him. Trump doesn't believe in global warming, and doesn't care about the pollution of our air and water. He only cares about the profit margins of his corporate friends. For him, squeezing another few pennies of profit (out of an already record profit) justifies letting industries destroy our environment.
With Pruitt's help, Trump has already overturned many environmental regulations that protected the air we breath and the water we drink. Industries are now free to pollute the water and air. But this is not what a majority of Americans want. About 62% of the public says the government is doing too little to protect the environment. They want more to be done -- not less.
Trump's excuse is that the environmental rules have been too restrictive on business and hurt economic growth. That old excuse doesn't fly with the public though. A substantial majority (57%) wants tougher environmental laws, even if it does somewhat curb economic growth. Our environment is too precious to be sacrificed for corporate profit.
The crazy thing is that even Half of Republicans would prefer the environment be protected (note the chart below). Trump and Pruitt's actions make make some on Wall Street happy, but not most Americans.
This is just one more reason why Republicans must be denied control of Congress this November -- and Trump must be kicked out of office in 2020 (if not sooner).
Public Disagrees With Trump/Pruitt On The Environment

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