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Pub Review: Nags Head

Posted on the 22 January 2013 by The Great Pub Debate @greatpubdebate

The first time I visited the Nags Head in Islington was two years ago. I had already traipsed halfway across London in search of a pub showing the elusive Wrexham v Luton playoff semi final first leg. Unsurprisingly the first five pubs I visited had opted out of showing a game between the Conference’s finest. There was a sense of relief when we finally found a pub that did. I did not particularly enjoy the game and left without a second thought for the pub. Then last week I was walking up Upper Street and had some time to kill so stopped in the first pub I saw. I was filled with a sense of Déjà vu as I suddenly recognised my surroundings.

The Nags Head is a dark wood heavy north London pub with the high prices to match. The food is certainly over priced – what seems like a five pound bargain on the menu was an impoverished sliver on the plate. One good point is if you fancy a catch up on a weeknight then you will probably be able to find a nice corner to tuck yourself away and let a few hours drift by.

Although I have not experienced it first hand, I am advised the weekend scene is quite different. The pub is a gathering point for Arsenal fans and packs out completely. With the number of screens (and I assume continuing coverage of non-league games) it is certainly a football friendly pub.

Overall the Nags Head is a standard north London pub with very little special about it. It’s an okay place to visit and you will probably have an alright time, but unless you are in the area or looking for somewhere to watch an obscure match it certainly is not worth traveling out of your way to visit.

Pub Rating:        1.5/5.0

Debate Rating:  3.0/5.0

Nags Head: 12 upper Street, London. N1 0PQ

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