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Ptolemea - Maze

Posted on the 07 April 2020 by Ripplemusic
Ptolemea - Maze
Ptolemea - Maze Finest Noise https://ptolemea.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Ptolemea-373927193069737/ https://www.instagram.com/ptolemea_band/?hl=en https://ptolemea.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/priscila_dc https://open.spotify.com/artist/0HGVyujqYGVcfpCgi0I849 https://www.facebook.com/finestnoisemusic http://www.finestnoise.de/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0lCZJhSs0AJ9XqsVzDJnSg
Luxembourg-based female-fronted alternative rock band Ptolemea have established themselves as a live act with a melancholic, dreamy twist. With a powerful voice, tight grooves and grungy riffs, the outfit delivers their newest EP, Maze.
It’s like the early to mid ‘90s never went away when you hit play on this EP. While not really being what I would call grunge, more like the glut of alternative bands that came in its wake. I really found myself likening this to Linda Perry’s singing style in 4 Non Blondes. There is a lot of energy in the playing and raw emotion in the vocals that carries this EP.Priscila Da Costa has a great voice that hits you in the gut and sticks with you. The band is very accomplished and the total package works.
This is an album to throw on and sit in your backyard and have some drinks while cranking it up loud, or hitting the road with the windows down and feeling the breeze hit you in the face…just like this album does.
-Rick Ecker

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