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Psychology of Pink

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Psychology of PinkPink is an interesting colour. It's basically a tint of red (a tint is a colour with white added to it).

The closer the colour is to red the more it takes on the psychological properties of red. The more white in it, the softer it becomes and the more of the purity and openness of white influences the colour.

We associate pink with romance, warmth and nurturing, this is why you will often see salesmen wearing pink ties or shirts (because we believe if we are being nurtured, we are not being sold to!).

Pink is seen these days as the most feminine colour, though it wasn't that long ago when pink was for boys and blue for girls (because of pink's association with red, and red is a very strong colour).

Light pinks will calm, though hot pinks will create a feeling of energy and vibrancy.

Brighter, hotter pinks will stimulate and raise your blood pressure (in the same way red does).

If you eat something off a pink plate or out of a pink box (sweets only) they will taste sweeter.

Light pinks encourage friendliness and discourage aggression.

Because pink is seen as nurturing (light pink) it's a good colour to wear if you need to fire someone (or make them redundant) as it makes it easier for the recipient to take the news.

Psychology of Pink

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