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Psychology of Colour – Blue

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport



Blue is the world’s favorite colour.  It surrounds us, from the sea to the sky but it is rarely found in food.  A blue sky says “trust me as I will not rain on you”.  A blue sky is calm, peaceful and non-threatening.    It promotes relaxation (don’t we all love to look at pictures of tropical scenery – all those lovely relaxing blues and greens).  It varies from warmer teal and turquoise shades of blue to cooler periwinkle almost violet blues.


Shades of Blue


Darker shades of blue such as navy are more conservative, dignified and trustworthy.  Brighter shades of blue are more fun and energetic.  Light shades of blue are calming,  peaceful and tranquil and totally non-threatening.

Blue can appear cool and lacking in energy (say as compared to red).  But blue light (such as that emitted from computer screens) will keep you awake at night and affect your circadian rhythms.


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