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PSA: Quinoa Kashrut Issue - BUGS!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
this is a kashrus announcement out of Lakewood about quinoa, and no, it is not regarding the kitniyos status on pesach..
PSA: Quinoa kashrut issue - BUGS! It is entirely possible that the issue is regional and in other places the information above might not be relevant, so check with your local authorities.
The only question I have is regarding the line that says "However it is difficult for one without expertise to properly check quinoa". Considering the halacha only requires one to look and see, and if bugs are visible to the naked eye then clean it or dispose of it, and if no bugs are visible then eat it, I am not sure what special expertise is required.
It was explained to me, that  in recent months various brands of quinoa were found to contain booklice. ... The method of checking includes pouring the quinoa into a fine mesh sifter and agitating the quinoa for 30 seconds over a white surface. If any booklice are found on the white surface, the quinoa should be discarded.
Regarding that method of checking, ti does not sound like it requires any special expertise - it isnt that complicated to pour a bag of quinoa into a sifter and shake it up a bit. But really I am not so sure this method is even required.
Regardless of that, as many nowadays would want to check anyway, it is also entirely possible that the problem is regional and might not affect the quinoa in your area. Another possibility is that the problem is related to storage issues in the shops in Lakewood. The CRC responded to this saying they have not seen this problem in the quinoa and stores under their supervision, and it is being investigated what the source of the infestation is.
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