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PSA: Keeping Up With Daisybutter

By Winyeemichelle
PSA: Keeping Up With Daisybutter

Bits and bobs about Daisybutter and how to stay in the loop. Time for the annual checking in and keeping y'all updated with Daisyb! Nothing too scary I promise and it's all stuff you probably know, but I thought I'd get you up to date with places you can find me online so I can pester/entertain you no matter which social media platform or network you prefer.
Bloglovin' - If you're not already following Daisybutter via Bloglovin' then I seriously recommend doing so. You can follow me here! Bloglovin' is a handy site that allows you to follow your favorite blogs, look for new ones to read and see what's popular in the community. It pulls all of your followed blogs into one simple (and pretty) feed where you can mark posts as read/unread (good for remembering posts you want to go back to and/or comment on), 'like' posts and keep them in your favourites, and share with your own Facebook/Twitter friends.
Twitter - I'm an avid Twitter kinda girl so give me a follow over there to see my posts as they go live as well as all my little day-to-day shenanigans. I try to avoid blogger chats on there but will always, always reply to my Tweets, so feel free to chat to me over there - I'm a real human too, I promise! - @winyeemichelle
Facebook - This one's a bit more on the backburner, but you can follow and 'like' Daisybutter on Facebook right here. I'm aiming to overhaul my Facebook page this summer so that you'll be able to grab discount codes, enter FB exclusive competitions and see outtakes from my blog posts, but for now, it just means you'll get to see blog post reminders when you're stalking ex-boyfriends, distant relatives and mean girls from school. Don't lie, I do it too ;)
Tumblr - An edited mishmash of all of my interests and obsessions, stepping onto my Tumblr page is a party for the eyes. I first got Tumblr when I was 14 so it's a real mix of "content". I don't really share my own stuff on there but I love posting quotes, high fashion, animals, manga snippets, anime GIFs, Taylor Swift bits and more.
Pinterest - My Pinterest obsession only really took grip this year and is segmented into plenty of boards for your organised viewing pleasure. I've got all the usual blogger-centric boards, as well as K-pop boards, my future house board (an epic tale right here!), a red board in homage to Miss Swift, and an adorable animals. If you have Pinterest, share your link with me so I can follow you back!
Instagram - Grab your phone! I'm on Instagram if you don't already follow me! Expect to-the-minute updates on where I am, what I can see and things I like. I also post behind the scenes of the blog snaps and plenty of Throwback Thursday bounty - dodgy fringes included. My username is @winyeemichelle.
YouTube - On my to-do list this year is to get into YouTube properly. I can film and edit with no problem and have a list as long as my arm of video ideas, but I'm yet to find the confidence to sit and chat away just yet. Fingers crossed an empty weekend soon means that I'll finally bite the bullet! Again, just subscribe here to see my current videos and lol at my eventual debut.
GoodReads - Finally, I've joined the book blogging clan and signed up to GoodReads to make the most of my reading. I'm going to be reviewing books over there as well as on my blog, so do add me as a friend or check my profile for updates!

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