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PSA: Be in a Viral Video in RBS!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
the following email was sent to a local community email list and I want to share it with my readers, in case any might want to be in what has a pretty decent chance of becoming a viral video...
You are invited to partake in a great project -
Ari Goldwag, the popular singer and resident of RBS is filming a new music video and wants YOU to be a part of it.
His hit single "Am Echad" speaks of all streams of Am Yisroel coming together - Chiloni, Dati, Chareidi, Chassidi and everything in between.
There will be a mock concert on the stage in Ayalon park on this coming Thursday. Ari would love people of all walks of life to join and be filmed for the video - men, women and children, old and young.
Come join in the fun - and tell your friends.
His last video (Hashem Loves you) has over 100,000 hits on youtube!
THURSDAY 15/8, 4 PM (filming will be over by 6 pm, please try to be there for the whole time) AYALON PARK, RBS (near the stage at the top of the park)
See you there!
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