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Posted on the 20 July 2018 by Chris Prosser @private_proxy

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Proxy-N-VPN is another great dedicated proxies provider! They offer dedicated static IP Proxies for high anonymity, SEO tools, and social media marketing.

Provide Private HTTP/HTTPS Proxies for marketing

  • Datacenters Located in 27 US Cities
  • Virgin Dedicated Craigslist IPs for Posting Ads
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Proxy-N-VPN offers HTTP/HTTPS proxies running on high end, dedicated proxy servers. Their IPs are non sequential. They provide both private proxies and shared proxies. Dedicated proxies are good for Craigslist, Instagram and Ticketmaster.

Founded in 2012, Proxy-N-VPN swears by their ambition to protect their users’ online privacy and security. They’re a leading company in providing online privacy for whatever your needs may be, whether that’s just surfing the web with peace of mind, or if you need highly anonymous proxy services for your business. They’re a green company, operating on a state of the art facility that keeps energy emissions down while also saving money for their customers.

proxy allow and restrictions

Their high speed, anonymous private proxies are optimized for SEO Tools Like Scrapebox, SEnuke, TweetAdder, BookmarkWiz, Ingerslike, Tweet Demon. Their proxies are known to be especially great with Instagram and Facebook. They cost a little more than some other providers, but they’re definitely worth the price. Also, their proxies are good for social media, web scraping and work on all classified ads site. They give you the ability to do webmailing but not SMTP mailing, so keep that in mind when considering this provider.

10 private proxies

10 private proxies cost $22.65

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Proxies Pricing & Packages

Their prices are pretty standard fare compared to most other top end proxy providers. They also offer a wide range of proxy servers for just about any needs, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue finding a package that best suits you. You can purchase proxies from Proxy-N-VPN through PayPal, Skrill, 2Checkout, Payza, and CoinGate. They do not accept credit card payments, but luckily their other options are relatively popular methods or paying. They also offer a 3 day refund policy. However, there are a lot of strings attached to this policy, so make sure you look it over before counting on being able to use it.

Proxies Packages and Plan Price/Month Good for

10 private proxies  $22.63 SEO Tools / Amazon

10 shared proxies  $11.50 Automation softwares

10 Instagram Proxies $22.65 Instagram/snapchat

10 Craigslist Proxies  $86 Classified Ads websites

10 Caming Proxies  $169 PokemonGo

100 TICKETMASTER Proxies  $249 TICKET websites

250 SHOPPING proxies $328 Footsites

Network Performance

The Proxy-N-VPN service provides anonymous private proxies on reliable X3430 dedicated servers with CentOS, and more than 10,000+ dedicated IP addresses on sales. Their servers have 99% uptime, as well as unlimited bandwidth. There’s never any down time with their servers. And there’s no set up fees! So you don’t have any reason to worry about the speed and quality of their servers; these truly are some of the best, and you should never encounter any issues. And if you do, their 24/7, year round support will make sure that your problem is handled properly.

proxy-n-vpn server details

Server Locations

  • Overview
  • USA
  • International

Proxy-N-VPN mainly provides USA based IPs, with locations in 27 US Cities. You can easily get GEO location specific IP addresses for posting ads on Craigslist and other classified ads sites. This is a pretty small map for the time being, so hopefully they expand on it. They do offer a decent amount of locations though, and for the most part you should be well set with what they have to offer. Just make sure that these locations work for you before making any purchases.

location of datacenters

They also offer UK proxies and France proxies, should your needs be outside of the US. Again, hopefully they will further expand their locations and offer more international areas.

Monticello IA USA

Atlanta GA USA

Boston MA USA

Buffalo NY USA

Charlotte NC USA

Chicago IL USA

Cleveland OH USA

Dallas TX USA

Denver CO USA

Detroit MI USA

Kansas MO USA

Las Vegas NV USA

Los Angeles CA USA

Miami FL USA

New York NY USA

Philadelphia PA USA

Phoenix AZ USA

Piscataway NJ USA

Portland OR USA

Raleigh NC USA

Rochester NY USA

Roseburg OR USA

Salt Lake NV USA

San Diego CA USA

San Jose CA USA

Seattle WA USA

Washington DC USA

London London United Kingdom

Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire United Kingdom

France Île-de-France France

Authentication & Add-On

You can easily use their proxies via:

  1. Username/Password authorization 
  2. IP Authentication

You are able to download your proxies from your billing control panel. Your proxies are typically available very fast, so you can quickly get to work with using your proxies not long after buying them.


Not only do they offer proxies, Proxy-N-VPN also provides private VPN and shared VPN services for anonymously browsing the internet and bypassing/unblocking content filters. Their private VPNs are just $6.50 per month. So if a VPN is what you’re in the market for, these are a great option.


While the Proxy-N-VPN website is a little repetitive at times, it is full of helpful information and very easy to navigate. Choosing and purchasing a proxy or VPN package is very simple, and they make all of the options very clear. It is also very easy to find and access the customer support section of the site. They have a blog that has a few helpful articles for those new to the world of proxies and VPNs, however, it doesn’t seem like they’ve updated or added to it in a while, so I wouldn’t consider it much of a resource. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section on the site, with lots of helpful info about the terms and restrictions on their proxies, as well as simpler questions that explain how proxies work and what they can be used for. Their dashboard for managing your proxies or VPNs is also very simple and easy to use. All around, it’s a great and simple website, though it could do with a little updating.

Customer Support

Proxy-N-VPN has an email and ticket based customer support, similar to other proxy providers. They offer 24/7 service, so you can reach them at any time. However, they are a little slower to answer the ticket compared to HighProxies, MyPrivateProxy, and a few others. I think this is an area where they could improve, and I expect that with time they will.

If you are already a Proxy-N-VPN customer, feel free to share your review in the comments below!


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Private Proxies Plan Price multiple cities/Subnets

1 Proxy  $2.35 No

5 Proxies  $11.50 YES (US)

10 Proxies $22.65 YES (US/EU)

50 Proxies  $86 YES (US/EU)

100 Proxies  $169 YES (US/EU)

150 Proxies  $249 YES (US/EU)

200 Proxies $328 YES (US/EU)

500 Proxies  $750 YES (US/EU)

1000 Proxies  $1390 YES (US/EU)

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15% OFF

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Our Verdict

9.5 Total Score Editor's Review on proxy-n-VPN

Proxy-n-VPN provides anonymous private proxies for marketing purpose and Achieve rapid development in recent years.

Price & Value 9.4 Network Perform 9.5 Proxy Features 9.6 Customer Support 9.4 Add your review  |  Read reviews and comments

Proxy-n-vpn Features

  • Support Proxies Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS
  • Proxies Update Frequency: Fresh IPs Monthly 
  • Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support
  • Setup Time (5 Mins to 2 Hours max)
  • Good for Social media marketing Such as Craigslist, Instagram, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
  •  Supported:  Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick submitter, Tweet Demon, Tweet Adder, Zennoposter and so on
  • Not Allow: Spamming, Illegal Activities, Fraud, Hacking, Phishing

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