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Providing Pre Bridal Make up Services in Delhi

By Huntsends

Every woman wants to look beautiful and a well-appearing woman is always respected in the society. Some woman is not born beautiful, but they look beautiful because they apply cosmetics to the face in an appropriate way. A woman requires beauticians to beautify her face during any special occasion. The beauticians provide different types of services to the customers such as waxing, pedicure, manicure, facials, etc. The beauticians also provide pre bridal makeup services in Delhi. In Delhi, people celebrate any special occasion in a grandeur way. So, they require beauticians for every event.

Types of services provided by the beauticians Weddings

They provide services to the customers to the customers on any special occasion such as wedding, engagement, parties etc. They provide bridal makeup, party makeup and engagement makeup services to the customers. During weddings, the bride requires bridal makeup services. So, the brides provide different types of services to the customers such as makeup, eye lashes, contact lenses, draping, etc. They assist the bride to drape sari in the best way. A beautician also provides proper hair styling services during the weddings.

Engagement services

They also provide engagement services to the customers performing different procedures. During engagement, they provide different services such as nail paint, makeup, contact lenses, and draping services. A bride should look beautiful during the engagement also.


During parties, the beauticians provide services to the customers and assist them to apply the makeup in an appropriate way. They also provide services such as applying nail polish, hair styling, draping, eye lashes etc. A woman should look beautiful during the parties because she visits many people during the parties and hence should build an everlasting impression. The pre bridal makeup services in Delhi provide services to the customers during the parties also.

Make up courses in Delhi

The different types of courses provided by the makeup artists are self-grooming, professionalized grooming courses and two-day makeup workshop.

Self-grooming workshop

A woman should learn the techniques of self-grooming so that she need not visit a beautician frequently. So, she should attend an 8-day workshop to learn various techniques of self-grooming. A woman can learn the techniques of self-grooming such as pedicure, manicure, applying cosmetics, waxing, massaging, etc.

Professional makeup course

The students can undergo a 6-week course to learn the techniques of grooming. They can also become professionalized beauticians in the future and work as a beauty therapist. During the first week, they learn different techniques such as skin analysis, makeup theory, eyebrow correction, face shapes, lipstick application, etc. They should learn the basics of hair styling such as blow dry of hair, hair pressing, tong curls, etc. Women who want to become beauticians in the future should also learn the techniques of proper make-up. They learn the techniques of makeup, sari draping, hair styling, etc.

They also conduct a 2-day workshop to teach various techniques of beauty therapy. The makeup artist for pre bridal in Delhi teacher's different techniques of beauty.

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