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Prove That You Are Fit to Work Today!

By Thinkibility
Children with a fever, swollen glands and glazed eyes are prescribed antibiotics so that their parents can go to work? Or they are sent to school where they spread the germs. Work colleagues are coughing and sneezing and relying on you to do their work. Telephone queues to the GP's and desperate people queuing outside the medical centres.

When you are ill all you think is about getting better. And what the boss will say if you phone is sick? Will they understand or bully you to come to work? Will you lose the job if you are ill too often?

A Think Dive into Winter Colds and Flu is Needed! Prove that you are Fit to Work Today!

What if we had to prove that we were fit for work?

Could we gain any important insight that can lead to some break through ideas by exploring this approach?

Prove that you are Fit to Work Today!

Recent reserach suggests that you can tell if someone is ill just by looking at their face. So even if you try to hide that you are ill a facial recognition program would still be able to spot that you are not well even if you are trying to act like your normal self. The participants in the study were able to distinguish between sick and healthy people, at a rate better than chance, simply by looking at their photos.

The most identified feature were pale lips in participants who had a bacterial infection. Pale skin, a swollen face, hanging eyelids, red eyes and droppy corners of the mouth were also more likely in sick people as compared to healty ones. Some of these features may also appear if you are sad or sleep deprived.

In real life situations, we can also add speech, gait along with the facial charateristics. So a video recording could be the perfect way to prove that you are unfit to work today.

Prove that you are Fit to Work Today!

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