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Protocol Wine Studio - True Wine Culture

By Hvwinegoddess
Protocol Wine Studio - True Wine Culture 
What happens when you have two people with two different backgrounds, each having different A-HA moments in wine unite? You get Protocol Wine Studio, showing today's true wine culture.
Meet Tina and Eric (Guy).  Tina, a pastry chef  had a thriving wedding cake company. Goes to a wine dinner at The Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington and drank a 1910 Madeira that was mind blowing. The rest is history, she sold her business, enrolled in the Court of  Master Sommeliers.
Eric, the finance guy.  Fifteen years in investment and banking industry. He wanted a change and a trip up to Northern California and he was intrigued by the wine industry. So he quit his job and took a job in a liquor store to learn more.
Tina and Eric met in the liquor store, he as the manager and she as the wine buyer.  A friendship develops and soon grows into an idea and business... Protocol Wine Studio.
 It became clear that a traditional retail model was not where they wanted to go. At Protocal Wine Studio they do some wine retailing, consulting, wine clubs and a think tank for wine.
They have recently took over #winechat which happen on twitter Wednesday evenings from 9-10PM EST / 6-7pm PST. They feel that #winechat can really propel the industry and merge wine bloggers with the wine industry. If you never sat in on #winechat, please do on Wednesdays. If that isn't enough they host #winestudio on Tuesday evenings from 9-10PM EST / 6-7pm PST on twitter.  This is an educational tasting that is themed for 4 weeks and concludes with a tasting on the last day of 6 wines.  #WineStudio is curated by Aaron Epstein and Le Metro Wine Underground.
Tina and Eric see a need in the industry for sharing of information so we can all grow.  They want to be advocates for workers in the industry and for people who want to get into the wine industry.
"Wine is not about drinking, but about sharing." says Eric, it's not about a pairing with food but a pairing with experience and I couldn't agree with them more. There is much more information about Protocol Wine Studio and their mission in the podcast. Don't forget to check them out online at http://protocolwinestudio.com/ 
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