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"protective Ice"

By Xoxoxoe
The kid has inherited my love of Albert Brooks's Mother.

Mrs. henderson and her boy John don't exactly agree on what to put in the cart (or their stomachs)

There is something a little casual and sit-commy about the film, which instead of being a detriment, actually seems to suit it.  I love Albert Brooks and his insistence on wearing his neuroses on his sleeve, and Mother certainly doesn't disappoint. But what I really love about the film is how it both nails what it's like to be befuddled by a parent while still embracing their quirks (and recognizing them as the basis for your own). This is a theme that runs through the film, but is best illustrated in two of its most amusing scenes, all set in his mom's kitchen.
Brooks plays John Henderson, who after his second marriage goes down in flames decides to visit the source of his relationships with women — his mother. Debbie Reynolds is absolutely wonderful as Mrs. Henderson, and I laughed out loud when she pulled a gigantic hunk of cheese out of the freezer to serve her son. What? Your mom doesn't freeze absolutely everything?
John Henderson, "You're running a food museum here."

But the cheese in the freezer is only the beginning, as Mother tells John and the rest of us all about the virtues of "protective ice" on no-name sherbet.

John learns things about his mother and her life that actually surprise him, and he also learns a few things about his momma's boy younger brother, Jeff (a very funny Rob Morrow) along the way.
Mrs. Henderson, "I love you."
John Henderson, "I know you think you do, Mother."

Missing your mom? Or still working on some of your parental issues like John Henderson? Mother is highly recommended.

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