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Protecting Your Dog's Paws Naturally

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
No matter what time of year it is, our dog's paws take a beating.
Whether it's the cold winter snow or the hot summer pavement, it's our job to make sure their paws are protected from these harsh conditions.
But how do we do it in a natural and safe way?
That's where Natural Dog Company comes in...
Protecting Your Dog's Paws Naturally Natural Dog Company really does live up to its name. The ingredients in each product are organic, vegan and all-natural. Best of all, their products are hand crafted right here in the USA.
After the harsh winter we just had and now the hot summer we are in, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to give Natural Dog Company's Paw Soother and the PawTector a try. Healing dog paws Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Pawtector Review The Paw Soother is an organic, vegan, 100% natural herbal-based blend of butters and special plant oils. It is specially formulated to heal rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads.
By the looks of Miley's paws, that's exactly what she has...
Dog with cracked paw pads Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Pawtector Review The Paw Soother and PawTector has a nice, pleasant smell... Protecting Your Dog's Paws Naturally With it's easy to use applicator, it's quite simple to apply to the paws... Soothing dogs paws with Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Pawtector Review Here is the before and after, I can't believe how soft her paws felt after just one application... Before and After of dogs paws using paw soother Now that her paws have healed from using the Paw Soother. We use the PawTector to protect her paws from future damage.  
The PawTector is an organic, vegan, all-natural blend of carefully selected waxes and oils. PawTector is specially formulated to create a nourishing barrier to protect soft and delicate paw pads against the elements, such as heat, cold, sand, salt, and snow.Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Pawtector Review Both the Paw Soother and PawTector are 100% natural, safe and edible which is wonderful because when we first started using this, Miley wanted to constantly lick it off. But as time has gone on and with a little distraction she no longer feels the need.
If you'd like to learn more about Natural Dog Company and purchase the Paw Soother and PawTector, visit their website.
They offer an unconditional, generous 90-day money back guarantee with all their products.
Natural Dog Company is offering our readers 15% off with promo code "SNOUTSOOTHER"!!
You can also connect with Natural Dog Company via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
Disclosure: Natural Dog Company sent us the Paw Soother and PawTector for review purposes. We were not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are our own.

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