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Protect Your Kids from Windows

By Newsanchormom

As the weather finally starts to cool off in the next month or so, it's a good time to take a look at the large number of kids who fall out of a window and seriously injure themselves or die. It's not something they realize is a danger. It looks like the screen will hold a small child's weight, but it actually pops right out with very little pressure. When you look at your windows, pretend the screens are not there. There are safety devices you can purchase that will prevent the window from opening too far or create a barrier. How old are these kids who fall out of windows? You guess it. They're two-years-old. Remember that old saying terrible twos? I am living that everyday and I would not be surprised if my little guy tried to push out a screen. We have latches on our windows that only allow them to open a few inches. It kind of stinks when you want fresh air, but for me, opening the windows wide is not worth the risk. More than 5,000 kids are send to the emergency room each year after falling from a window. Do you have some sort of protection for your windows?

Here's the latest story on NPR:

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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