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Proposed Law: Term Limits

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The issue of introducing term limits into the Israeli government system is back on the table.
A law proposal has been submitted for the upcoming session of Knesset. The proposal, submitted by the Opposition but including support from some coalition members, including some from the Likud, would limit the Prime Minister's ability to stay in that position for two term.
Obviously it does not have a reasonable chance of passing, but ya never know.
Supposedly, senior Likudniks have been talking about this as a possibility, and MK Oren Hazzan has even come out publicly in favor.
source: Ynet
Personally I think some sort of term limits is important. However it has to be constructed in a way that will work. In Israel's political system, the term limits cannot be just defined as "two terms". Governments rarely last their full term. If two terms is the limit, one prime minister could last 9 or so years, and the next could hit his limit after two years. Either the entire system needs to be changed or the term limits law would have to include a quantification by number of years in office.
As well, I am against any law that is designed to affect a specific person. This law seems to be targeting Netanyahu himself, so I am against it. I think there should be term limits, but if they pass this law, Netanyahu should be grandfathered in to allow him to continue, and maybe just limit him to two more "terms".
I do think Netanyahu should step down in the near future and leave politics. Not because I don't like him, but because I do not think it is healthy for any democracy to be ruled by one person for so long. Despite the fact that I think Netanyahu should no longer be Prime Minister of Israel, I am not in favor of removing him by introducing a law to get rid of him.
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