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Proposed Law: Tax Breaks for PM

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Miki Zohar (Likud) has proposed a law that would exempt the Prime Minister from paying taxes on services provided to the PM and on other benefits the PM receives. This would in effect exempt him from paying taxes on the car he uses as PM and on upkeep of his home. This exemption would not be applied to the PM's salary.
This would basically be copying the existing situation regarding the President of Israel and applying it to the PM as well.
In the case of Netanyahu, such an exemption would add 8000nis to his net salary. According to MK Zohar, the PM earns too low of a salary, and with all the taxes he pays the net salary is untenable. His net salary is about 13,000nis per month, and it is often less due to the extra taxes he has to pay and the various benefits received.
The Ministerial Legislative Committee has approved the proposal.
source: Walla News
Personally, I don't really feel so bad when wealthy people complain about paying the same taxes as everyone else. I am not saying he does not deserve it - it seems strange that the person running the country, a job that is not 9-5, a job that has tremendous pressure, tremendous responsibility, tremendous complexity, earns so little. I don't know if he should receive tax exemptions or an increase in salary. But as long as it hasn't happened yet, it doesn't disturb me that much. He seems to earn a living pretty decently. He finds ways to overcome the low salary and remain among the wealthiest people in Israel.
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